Want to further your education, but not sure how to pay for it?
This solution will help you invest in your future.

This program provides loans to members (full-time and part-time benefited or benefit-eligible) enrolled in a nursing, professional-level degree, certificate or diploma program in a health care or related occupational field at an academic institution accredited by the relevant accrediting body.

The loan will compensate the member for one shift per week or eight (8) hours, whichever is greater of paid time off from work to attend school and study. A member can receive the loan for a period of time approved by the Education Fund, not to exceed the length of his/her respective academic program.

Program Guidelines

The Program Provides

  • A payment equivalent to a maximum of 8 hours per week or one shift per week while enrolled in a professional program in a healthcare or related occupational field.
  • Hours must be reduced from original posted, scheduled hours (e.g., if a member works a regular 36-hour shift per week, hours must be reduced from that number).
  • If members work beyond their newly reduced scheduled hours, their payments will be reduced accordingly. Members will only be paid for hours reduced.

To be eligible for this program, a member must:

  • Be currently enrolled or accepted in a professional-level degree (Registered Nurse, Imaging, etc.), certificate or diploma educational program.
  • Work in a SEIU-UHW or other eligible SEIU bargaining unit position for Dignity Health.
  • Be a regular, benefit-eligible full-time or part-time employee (non-benefited bargaining unit employees may be eligible for other services).
  • Have completed his/her probationary period.
  • Be able to work out an agreement with his/her respective manager to reduce work schedule.
  • Meet other eligibility criteria that Dignity Health, the Education Fund and/or the training program require.

To apply, a member must submit a completed application package that includes the following:

  • Completed and signed Forgivable Loan Program Application
  • Completed and signed Dignity Health/UHW Education Fund Employment/Education Partnership Agreement – Loan Forgiveness Program form
  • Copy of most recent pay stub
  • Copy of school registration (with classes listed) or copy of acceptance letter

The loan may be forgiven under the following circumstances:

  • Member must obtain an RN or other professional-level degree, certificate or diploma in a health care or related occupational field on or before the expected graduation/completion date
  • Member must obtain and keep current the appropriate licensure and certification for the respective field
  • Member must accept an offer of employment with any Dignity Health Facility (or mileage limits in accordance with the contract) on completion of educational program in an upgraded benefit-eligible position
  • Member agrees to work in an upgraded benefit-eligible position for a continuous period of one and one half years for each year of the loan
  • If there is a hardship, such as death, documented financial hardship; academic failure (unless said failure was due to academic misconduct); no offer of an upgraded position because of job scarcity notwithstanding a documented diligent job search; failure in the new upgraded position and/or lay off from new upgraded position (unless due to misconduct); member or family illness which prevents completion of program or acceptance of an upgraded position; other extenuating circumstances. NOTE: Such circumstances must be presented to the Education Fund Committee. The Education Fund Committee will make all determinations within their discretion on a non-discriminatory basis.

At the end of each tax year, the Education Fund will:

  • Determine the amount of your loan (if any) that has been forgiven during that year.
  • Issue a W2 indicating the forgiven loan amount as income and the corresponding amount of taxes that have been withheld.


All participants should check with their tax advisor regarding the impact of this program on their tax liability.


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